Something different.

To clarify, these posts are made with traditional medium and are not digital. I like doing digital work, but it's been really nice to work on the actual paper again since I've been back to school.

The first piece may well be the most successful drawing I've completed to date. It is made with charcoal, ink and paper cut-outs and was my final for my drawing class last semester. The dimensions are probably around 45" by 27" if I had to wager a guess. This piece is also very personal to me as it makes a statement about my father's hearing disability and the way even those who love him can sometimes alienate him.
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The next piece is part of my "Cat and Robot" series, called, "I Was in the Wild". It is about the way nature and technology co-exist and how technology is now widely used for entertainment and pleasure. This work was done with ink washes on watercolor paper. I experimented with spontaneous mark making using no initial layouts for placement. Everything was rendered as I went.
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The last piece of this update is an acrylic painting. The digital photo I took of it is rather poor and much of the subtle qualities are lost, but I wanted to post it with these others today. I'm proud of this painting for the experiments with color even though not all of my attempts were successful.
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