Some doodles and, yes *sigh* another self portrait (I'm not vain, the art overlords make me do them I promise!)

First up is some cat and robot doodles. The top doodle is observed from the real life hatred that once in a blue moon stems from my loving pets. Normally they get along swell.
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Next up, is what you've really been waiting for (come on folks admit it)... ME!
Done in charcoal in one class section. I'm particularly proud of the lighting on the cloth of the shirt. I might look mean, but that's just eye strain setting in. I set my mirror on a low chair and had to scoot the thing far away. Charcoal is quickly becoming my favorite drawing medium.

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Thank you for indulging me by viewing these pics. Artists are creatures of fragile self esteem so we like the boosts of having others look at our work- makes us feel important.

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